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4 days ago John BackMinor updates to Pythia engine from LHCb code review. master
2018-03-13 John BackCheck PDG codes before updating particle properties...
2018-03-13 John BackUpdated EvtPythiaEngine to correctly handle updates...
2018-03-12 John BackUpdated EvtBcXMuNu models to generate Bc to D0(star...
2018-01-22 John BackCorrect date entry for 1.7.0 tag in History file...!
2017-12-13 John BackUpdated and History.txt for tag R01... R01-07-00
2017-12-12 John BackChanged Pythia example decay files to use Pythia8 codes.
2017-12-06 John BackModified examples to use DECAY.DEC instead of DECAY_201...
2017-11-29 John BackModified EvtSVP, EvtVVP and EvtTVP to do both radiative...
2017-11-28 John BackAdd probability ratio histogram to genRootDecayChain.
2017-10-30 John BackMinor plot cosmetic changes in compareRootFiles.
2017-07-14 John BackOnly create external generator objects if they don...
2017-07-05 Michal KrepsRegister VTOSLL model.
2017-06-15 John BackCommented-out debug output in EvtDDalitz changed to...
2017-06-14 John BackAdd isNeutralKaon() boolean function and corrected...
2017-05-08 Michal KrepsFix bug in EvtbTosllVectorAmp to recognise Bs --> K...
4 months ago R01-07-00 EvtGen release R01-07-00 (1.7.0).
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