EvtGen is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


This is the development page for the EvtGen project.

EvtGen is a Monte Carlo generator of particle decays, in particular the weak decays of heavy flavour particles such as B mesons. The detailed decay dynamics are implemented based on theoretical models in such a way as to handle the correlations between observables, e.g. those between the decay time and angular distributions in CP-violating decays of B mesons to Vector-Vector final states. The package was originally developed for BaBar and CLEO by Anders Ryd and David Lange. It is used by many particle physics experiments, such as BaBar, Belle(-II), CLEO(-c), CDF, D0, LHCb, ATLAS and CMS. The maintenance and development of the package is now the responsibility of a team from University of Warwick.

The EvtGen repository will soon be migrated to Hepforge - please check back soon. Please subscribe to the evtgen-announce mailing list in order to receive announcements regarding new releases etc.