EvtGen is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

EvtGen Documentation

This is the documentation page for the EvtGen project.

User guide

The original user guide for the package is available here.

Descriptions of some of the decay models can be seen here.

Getting the code

To download the code you can either check-out a working copy from git or download a tar file of the source from the download area.

To check out ("clone") from git please use the base URL:
Specific versions can then be checked out, e.g. R01-07-00 to get release version 1.7.0.
We recommend using the most recently released tag. For example:
git clone -b R01-07-00 http://evtgen.hepforge.org/git/evtgen.git
Alternatively, do
git clone http://evtgen.hepforge.org/git/evtgen.git
cd evtgen
git checkout R01-07-00

Sometimes when navigating these pages you will enter https areas. Clicking on the git repository link will then ask you to authenticate. This can be avoided by replacing "https" with "http" in the address bar.

The download area contains gzipped tar files of the tagged versions.

In order to keep up to date with announcements of new releases etc. please subscribe to the evtgen-announce mailing list.

Compiling the code

Instructions for creating the EvtGen library can be seen here.

Details about using external generators, such as Pythia or Photos, can be found here.

There is also an example script that can be used to install EvtGen with HepMC, Pythia, Photos and Tauola packages.

Submitting bug reports or feature requests

To submit a bug report or feature request, please use the Trac interface.
To see the option to submit a New Ticket, you will need to login with the username guest and the password evtgen.