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This is the development page for the EvtGen project.

EvtGen is a Monte Carlo event generator that simulates the decays of heavy flavour particles, primarily B and D mesons. It contains a range of decay models for intermediate and final states containing scalar, vector and tensor mesons or resonances, as well as leptons, photons and baryons. Decay amplitudes are used to generate each branch of a given full decay tree, taking into account angular and time-dependent correlations which allows for the simulation of CP-violating processes. Originally written by Anders Ryd and David Lange, this package is used by many particle physics experiments worldwide, including ATLAS, BaBar, Belle(-II), BES III, CDF, CLEO(-c), CMS, D0, and LHCb. The maintenance and development of the package is now performed by the particle physics group at the University of Warwick (in particular by John Back, Michal Kreps, and Thomas Latham).